D-Day Landings and European Campaign

 1944 - 1945



These photographs were taken during 1944 and 1945 by my late Uncle, Arthur Akers, while serving with the Royal Engineers in Europe. I have little information regarding the pictures other than the captions in his photo album, reproduced with the pictures. 

Thanks to Steve Allen and Raymond O'Hara for helping to identify these vehicles. Any further information regarding the scenes or the vehicles will be greatly appreciated.



D-Day. June 6th 1944

The tracked vehicle in the centre of the picture is a BARV (Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle), based on a Sherman chassis, used to recover swamped tanks and push off grounded landing craft.
For more information on Sherman tank variants, follow this link

Any experts on WW2 bulldozers out there?


D. plus 1

Churchill Tank exiting an LST


Pont-Levque  D.plus 4

(probably Pont -l'Evêque, about 10 miles from Deauville)

Bedford Trucks



(Germany, about 40 miles North West of Düsseldorf)

American-built M3 Scout Car


Breda, Holland  - Doodlebug Alley

Studebaker Truck



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