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      Austin 7 Special. GWR, Bowood House, 21st July 2002
      Meadows Frisky Sport. Tredegar House, September 2003
      American Lafrance racing car. Broadway Millennium Celebrations, July 2000

      Austin A30s and A35s. GWR, Bowood House, 21st July 2002

       Introduction to Classics. Me and Dad's Austin Devon, Late 1960s

        Commer Superpoise. Machen Show, 3rd July 2004
           Lea Francis 1, Aylsham Show, August 2004
           Ariel Red Hunter, Norfolk 1950
           Raleigh Safety Seven Cycle Car, Tredegar House, September 2005
           Mercedes 330SL, Tredegar House, September 2005
            Jensen CV8 and 541R, Tredegar House, September 2005
             Kaiser Manhattan 1953, Fredericktown, Missouri,  October 2005
             Chevrolet Camaro 1968, Fredericktown, Missouri, October 2005
             Ford Thunderbird 1957, Farmington, Missouri, October 2005