MG XPower SV


 Pre-production car at Farnborough Airshow, July 24th 2004

 I want one of these.

Don't know why... I get a nose bleed over 65 mph.


Nicely poised on a ramp... but I was asked politely not to take a photo of the underneath.

A picture of the MG SVR Engine, taken at Stoneleigh MG Spares and Restoration Show 20th February 2005

I was expecting something a bit more dramatic with more shiny pipes, and less insulating tape.

Looks like a good opportunity for after-market sales

And here's an MG SV-R at the csma Classic Festival, Brands Hatch on 14th May 2005

Yours for 89,000! I didn't buy it. I didn't like the colour.

It is impossible to get a picture of an SV without at least two admirers standing next to it.

Typical. You wait ages for an SV and then four come along at once.
A rare sight at MGCC Silverstone, July 24th 2005

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